Thursday, March 25, 2010

Made a Mistake

I just realized I made a mistake. The kids have all been a little under the weather, so I went and bought a new thermometer to check their temps. Well somehow I showed them what to do with it and now every 5 minutes they are checking their own temps, to see if they are sick. I wish I had never shown them how to use it. All I hear now is "Beep (as the thermometer comes on)! Am I sick now Mommy? Beep (As the the thermometer goes off)!

On a another note... Darrick found ET on HBO OnDemand and decided to let the kids watch it. They LOVED it. Sarah loved it so much she got up this morning and watched it again. Any time she had to move away from the tv she would say "Pause it Mommy, so I don't miss anything." Mind you she just watched it yesterday. While watching it she would tell me what was going to happen or say something like "you've got to see this Mommy, Watch! Watch! Watch! Did you see that?" I thought it was SOOOO cute. Smiling just thinking about it now.

As you can see there is not much to my days. :)


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