Tuesday, March 23, 2010


So I decided to play softball with my church's team. Mind you I have never played one day of softball in my entire life. The only experience I have had with a softball was tossing one with my friend back in high school and get a nice kisser for my efforts.

When I told my husband and the rest of my family they all said the same thing, "What, with your two left feet? You know you just twisted your ankle. You don't know anything about softball!" And I said its for fun, and I'm going to do it. Well last Monday was our first practice, and it went pretty well. No injuries, and I even did half way decent out there. I left feeling really good about playing. Yesterday was our second practice...

I get out there all ready to play and have a good practice again. While warming up it happened. No, I didn't re-twist my ankle, I took a softball to the face. The chin to be exact. It hit me pretty hard, but it didn't feel anything like when I was hit back in high school. I felt my jaw pop, so I just kind of slapped it back in place, shook it off and kept on warming up. Well during practice I felt my chin and could feel that it was swollen a little; and it kept tingling during practice. But me being me, kept on practicing. By the time practice was over, it was really hurting. Noone said anything during practice so I didn't think it was that bad.

Well when I got home my husband said it was HUGE. He called my mom and they had a good laugh at my expense, which didn't really bother me. They both said I needed to stop playing, and I said no. Well I finally looked at it and it was HUGE and hurting pretty bad. I finally decided to go to the hospital after talking to my friend who is a nurse. On a side note: I didn't want to go to the same hospital I went to for my ankle because nowadays, if you go with too many injuries they start making notes, and my friend said they would suspect domestic violence, and we all know that didn't happen, I'm just a true klutz. Luckily it wasn't broken, because I sure didn't want to get my mouth wired shut. But it did continue to grow. By the time I went home I looked like Shrek. I had an awful time sleeping, make that trying to sleep, and I am dead tired this morning. As soon as the kids get out for school, I am going to try to get some more sleep.

Here's to being a Klutz.

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  1. Lisha,
    Do we need to lock you up in a padded room to protect you from yourself??!! Just kidding..I'm sorry to hear about your injuries of late. Feel better!!